sept 19

Map World : Super Pirate Battle Royale

map-super-pirateSuper Pirate Battle Royale is a minecraft map world that puts you in command of a pirate ship. You will experience a unique adventure this map solo or multiplayer if you decide to put on your minecraft server for example. Each player can have a boat and fight against the enemy ship. So you have this great map pirate defeat your enemy by killing him with your own weapon as a tnt cannon to completely destroy the enemy ship your enemy. So you’ll understand that you have to survive as long as possible has the cannon fire and ensure the survival of your boat protecting it like a pro. The great pirate battle royal map is well made and super beautiful with big boat. The community of this map is mainly English but everyone can download and install the map to start playing freely minecraft server for example. Imagine a great naval battle with your friends on a minecraft server is just huge in pvp. And once the enemy ship was destroyed by cannon tnt, you deserve to win again just for fun.





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